At Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning we always follow the manufacturers preferred method of cleaning. In some cases, where an item is dry clean only, a customer might ask us to perform our regular wash dry a fold method to it with them assuming the risk of an adverse outcome. In most cases, we have found the item actually turns out clean with little to no wrinkles if handled properly. We are not suggesting the idea of ignoring the manufacturers preferred cleaning method, but rather think outside the box if there is a dry clean only item that needs cleaning and dry cleaning is not a viable option. Remember, a good wash and fold laundry service knows how to handle delicate/ complicated fabrics ensuring a good clean product. Whether you are in need of wash and fold services or dry cleaning, contact Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning today. We can be reached at of (478)954-0709.

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