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Jiffy Clean Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service

Occasional Laundry Service vs Regular Laundry Service:
Jiffy Clean Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service

Nowadays everyone is compelled to diy everything from simple tasks to major home overhauls.  At Jiffy Clean Laundry & Dry Cleaning, we support weekend warriors, by being available when they decide laundry is a task they would like to skip from time to time.  

The advantages of occasional laundry service with Jiffy Clean Laundry & Dry Cleaning adds quality convenience to our customers lifestyle.  Occasional wash dry fold laundry service is primarily suited for those who are on a budget.  Everyone is on a budget and often occasional customers choose us because of our fair prices and value of service.  When Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning shows up, our occasional customers know their laundry will be cleaned and back to them in a day.  That is an idea we wholeheartedly pride ourselves on.  

Knowing your laundry will be cleaned on a weekly basis, price estimation based off of repeating orders, and budget friendly pricing are all advantages our regular customers enjoy.  Laundry pickup and delivery service by Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning on a weekly basis allows our customers to maintain their laundry at levels where there are tons of dirty laundry in their hampers and more clean clothes available to wear.  Price estimation is a breeze for our regular customers since their laundry is cleaned on a weekly basis.  As always, if there is a question of laundry weight or our customers can not place in a weight, just place an order with the weight of any arbitrarily low number for weight.  We always reweigh laundry to get the most accurate price.

Whether occasional use or regular usage of Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning’s mobile laundry service, our customers can rely on us.  We offer consistent service, great prices, and quality that is unsurpassed.  If you are in a position where you are pondering the use of Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning or any other laundry service Macon, Ga;  CHOOSE US…. you will not be disappointed.

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