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3 Garment Care Wash Dry Fold Laundry Tips

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Ever have the favorite garment that you were just afraid to wash and your never ever washed? Chances are with a good regimen of washing according to manufacturers label, good quality detergents, and drying at proper temperature; your garment CAN TOO be cleaned fresh and have a like new appearance.

Laundering garments to the manufacturers label is paramount to preserving an item’s life. Oftentimes, dark colors are suggested to be laundered with like colors in cold water with. Light colors are suggested to be laundered at hot to warm temperatures with like colors.

Good quality detergents are the lifeline for preserving the life span of a garment. Take for instance specialized detergents for colors such as Clorox 2 or Woolite work wonders for specialized garments. A product that seems promising and new to the market is Downy Defy. It’s marketed as a laundry additive that provides fragrance and helps prolong the life of a garment when used regularly. FYI tip, for first wash of a dark color item, consider washing it separately using cold water and a splash of vinegar to help retain the darkness of the color.

Drying your clothes at the proper temperature is the most important step of all. Over drying leads to garments fibers slowly being burned and broken down. If you smell a garment after drying and it has an “off” odor unlike the fresh smell you noticed after washing, you have over dried your item. Towels are more resilient and can stand over drying more regularly, but your favorite garments can’t. A rule of thumb is that separation of clothes during the drying process (like thickness and color) of garments allows more even drying. If you have to chug all of your items in one dryer, simply check on your garments periodically pulling out thinner items that tend to dry fast.

So don’t be afraid to wear your favorite garment out of fear of getting it dirty and having a reliable method of cleaning. If you enjoyed reading this article, we have more available at We

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