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It's Festival Time Call A Mobile Laundry For Help

Leisure activities are a necessity and clean laundry is just as important. Around the Macon, there are festivals such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and a many more that anyone can enjoy. We at Jiffy Clean Laundry Dry Cleaning encourage everyone to enjoy these leisure time activities and remember your laundry care needs. Our service provides time and added value in the form of easily picking up your laundry and delivering it back clean to you within 24 hours. With the time saved, you can fully focus on your leisure time activites. We want to be you mobile laundry service provider.

Getting started withJiffy Clean Laundry & Dry Cleaningis easy. Just call us at (478)954-0709 orwww.jiffylaundryservices.comto schedule a pickup. We are always on the other end to answer your call.

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Cherry Blossom Festival is Mobile Laundry Service Time

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