3 Scenarios to Use Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning


Desperate times calls for drastic changes. Take for instance a scenario where you have laundry, I mean piles of laundry that you haven’t cleaned in a while. You have, I mean, had intentions of doing it during the weekend when you were off. No worries, Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning is in the neighborhood to help. What may very well be an insurmountable task to you, is routine to us.

Scenario 2: Day in and day out. 12 hour shifts have got you tired and you barely know the day of the week. It seems like when you get off from work, all you are able to do is eat a little and just outright hibernate. This is definitely a time to schedule laundry service with Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning. We can pickup your laundry and have it ready for you the next day. In some cases if you are in a big pinch, same day service is no problem, just let us know.

Scenario 3. A pressing deadline to handle your on the job laundry has got you bummed. You were indeed hired to perform a highly skilled job, but you are now the de facto laundry attendant. Call Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning, we can help. Many may recognize us for our residential laundry service program, but we provide commercial laundry solutions for businesses throughout Macon and Middle Georgia. We really enjoy hearing from our customers.

Jiffy Clean Laundry and Dry Cleaning can be reached at (478)954-0709 or www.jiffylaundryservices.com. We are SOCIAL! Check us out on these social media platforms.





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